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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Doggie Shark Attack Hoodie

Chase in Shark Hoodie

It's about time I post a picture of my baby!  His name is Chase, but everyone calls him Buddy except my mom, she calls him Bubba-Lou.
I made this hoodie for him a few years ago, but he stopped wearing it due to excessive weight gain.  I think he is in a good place now; the shark suit is still small but goes on easily.
I just created a basic dog hoodie (you can find dog hoodie patterns at your local fabric store). 
Before sewing the the pieces together I planned out my design and sewed a shark face on, as well as detail on the body (I used the same fleece fabric to create an applique of fish bones, it's kind of hard to see here but you can see a little bit of it if you look closely.) Fish bones made it look like this shark just ate fish :) Then just sew your pieces together.
Chase loves these hoodies especially on colder days. I attached a loop inside so I can just hook his leash to it for walks. 
The season is getting warmer now but there are so many other animal options. Keep a look out to see what Chase will wear for Fall 2012!

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